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The Sparkscast podcast is an occasional pep talk for focusing your mind and deepening your intuition as a foundation in life. Often a tiny adjustment in perspective and mindset can make a huge impact. Listen in for self-development ideas and mindset tweaks. Hosted by Stevie Puckett.

A Note from Stevie Puckett

Learning and talking about mindset strategies, intuition development, career choice, online portfolio creation, job search preparation, and maximizing the enjoyment in life is my passion.

I study a broad range of self-development topics from psychology and human behavior theories to astrology and metaphysical outlooks then I write, speak, coach, and teach online through this podcast, my other websites, and in real life.

I am at your service as a pathway for inspiration. I see opportunities that others might not see. I like to encourage.

My specialty: connecting people and ideas.

Learn more about me and my current projects at